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It’s 1 am.

Mrs M is, and I quote…

“Drunketty drunketty drunk as a skunketty skunketty skunk.”

She’s now been asleep for 3 hours. Her last comment before sleep was something about when we have kids, keeping Hitler away from them. I leave you to make up your own mind, but I waited until I was out of earshot and then laughed until I threw up.

I watched Hancock with my ma for an hour until her snoring became heavy enough to blot out the film. Apparently, then, Hancock is riveting!

I was actually quite enjoying it myself.

I am now drinking good ole Jim Beam and wishing I was a famous writer who didn’t have to get up early tomorrow morning, clear up dog poop in the yard, feed two hungry dog-monsters and go to work.

Still no one appears to have completed my new year quiz (see about 4 entries ago.) Surely it wouldn’t harm to try? There’s a shaved proboscis monkey in it for the winner. (Well, me in a gorilla suit with a Gillette Mach 3 anyway.)

No one want that prize?

Ok. Let me offer chocolate instead. Yeah… that’s for you Cocobean! We Brits have proper chocolate, not just candy!

I’ve suddenly just got a new lease of Diaryland life the last coupla days. I do note, with some sadness, that almost all my fave writers here are American. This is not that I’ve got anything against Americans (apart from the stupid ones), but I feel strangely disconsolate that there are so few witty Brits here. Where are we all? I’m sure we’re not all poking sheep, eating all the pies, or asleep under a horse blanket?!?! We must still have wit? After all, who produced Blackadder, Fawlty Towers and Black Books?

Come on you Brits. (Honourable mentions to Hissandtell -Aussie and to Buffylass -UK).

Let’s make 2009 something to Laugh Out Loud to. Incidentally, I refuse to use LOL, as well as any other ‘textspeak’. I use the English language and if I want to defect it will be to Spanish or Italian, not to 15-year-old.

Personally (and sympathies to those who had bad news in 2008 – you know who you are), the last year was a really, REALLY, bad one for us. I spent four months+ redundant and we’re only just clawing our way back to financially viable. My Granddad died. We had other family and friend tragedies I really don’t want to talk about. I had a bike accident that froze my shoulder and then Sciatica that crippled my right leg. There’s more, but all in all, we were both real glad to see the end of 2008.

2009 is our year, people!

I’m gonna have my publishing contract this year and finally get out of I.T.

I’m gonna work for myself from home.

We may even have kids this year.

And (God/Allah/Jehovah/Gary Oldman/Dangermouse) willing, I will own an otter by the end of the year.

This is still one of my goals.

I am also going to build a tree house this year.

For this I will have to plant a full-size tree. Bah! No problem. We still haven’t decided what to do with the mangy Xmas tree. Perhaps I’ll build it in that…

I am (for those of you who haven’t been following) keeping a list of the music in my somewhat random brain in order to create a mix cd of my mental state. I have hit 13 songs. When I hit 15, I will post them unlabelled in a zip file and post a link here. The deal is that you burn them straight to a DVD and then listen to it. This will probably result in you never visiting ole Moosey again, but there you go…

Incidentally, since most of the guys I contact on here are American, if you’re ever remotely considering coming to the UK, shout me. I will give you a guided tour of the beer! (Not that Aussies, Brits or other should not apply too)

Cheers y’all


(Not going to bed, but switching off to play Zuma til my eyes go funny)


Written by SJAT

January 11, 2011 at 3:58 pm

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