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Future Confronted by Louise Rule

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What can I say about Future Confronted?

It is not a book I would normally have picked up ‘off the’ for a peruse. Not my usual fare. I became aware of the book because I have become acquainted with Louise on social networks and, having an idea what it was about, thought I really ought to read it.

Would I recommend it? There’s a complicated question. Future Confronted is not a light read. It is harrowing in places and heart-rending and even terrifying. If is also a book full of hope and positivity in the end, but to reach the light, one must live through the dark night first.

Beautifully written, with smooth text and excellent imagery, FC is a true life tale; the story of a young man’s life cut dreadfully short by a brain tumour. It gives us a taste of a happy family life and then takes us along for the ride as that life is torn to pieces with the most horrifying news.

We are treated in depth to all the feeling, the drama, the terror, the hollowness and the sadness of each stage of the story. From idyllic life, through discovery, conclusion, the awful end of young Rob, then the funeral, the coming to terms with what has happened, and finally discovering the strength and sheer will to go on without Rob, and build a new life in the wreckage of the old.

More than once I had to put the book down as it had troubled me with the reading, and on one occasion it brought me to tears, bringing back memories and feelings from when I lost my grandfather, which so far has been the most soul-crushing thing I experienced, as he was also my best friend. I fear that it will raise in your memory the demons of any serious loss you have suffered, but perhaps that is no bad thing.

The book leaves us in the end with something of an understanding of how it is possible to come to terms with such a thing and how Louise and her family have survived these events and come out strong and positive. It has given me immense respect for Louise, not only as a writer but as a person.

In short, I would highly recommend the book, but only to those who are prepared for it. It is a powerful book and will bring strong emotions to the fore, and be sure you want to read it before you start.

Kudos to Louise for surviving what she has and having the strength, heart and abilities to write about it in such a loving, deep and perfect way.

Written by SJAT

December 21, 2013 at 9:39 am

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