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Amulet 4

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I’m new to the Amulet series, dropping in at book 4. And while the cover didn’t scream Roman military adventure at me, I have confidence in the quality of Fred’s writing, from his earlier Galdir books. For me the amulet series seems to have sprung from nowhere and goes to show how prolific Fred is.

Ignore the strapped-up Vin Diesel on the cover and go into the book (or probably more usefully the first in the series) with an open mind, and you will appreciate what is a good tale with well-fleshed-out characters, well written.

As I said, I’ve rather jumped in at the deep end in book 4, but it was not too hard to get the hang of the backstory, especially since this is my current working era of Rome, so I know the general lay of the land. This is the tale of a veteran of the legions during the time of Caesar’s rise. Books 1-3 have covered Aulus Veridius Scapula‘s early days, his time in the 9th legion, campaigns in the Caucasus, with Caesar in Gaul, and with Crassus in Parthia. Scapula wears an amulet that is his only remaining link with his father (if I’m right, this is his ‘bulla’, the symbol of boyhood that is cast aside when taking the toga virilis and becoming a man.) Now a rich man, Scapula has a complex history, not only in terms of service, but in his personal life. He is a widower, re-married. He has two sons,, one from each relationship, but even this is far more complex than that. And in book 4 this is truly important.

I did not know what to expect. The book started calmly in peaceful Italy, then there is the shadow of Caesar looming at the far side of the Rubicon and heavy suggestions that Scapula might want to support his former commander, and perhaps fund him. Then Scapula’s son goes missing. After time searching, Scapula ends up with Caesar at Massilia, involved in the siege there, still grieving for his lost son, until Caesar’s agents turn up some info. His son was seen with Pontic ne’er-do-wells, being bundled aboard a ship in the south of Italy. Given Scapula’s history with the Pontic king, he realises that his son has been taken by the man by accident. His other son shares blood with king Pharnaces. Thus begins a fairly epic mission to retrieve his son from the palace of the king of Pontus, who is on a war footing, planning to conquer neighbouring lands while the Romans are all busy kicking each other senseless in civil war.

Well, that’s what you’re looking at in essence. If you’ve read any of Fred’s stuff, you’ll know he can tell a tale with the best of them, and this book kept me turning the pages from beginning to end. Amulet 4 is a good read. Don’t me put off by the cover – remember the old adage after all. Perhaps go to the Amazon page and download a sample to see for yourself.

Back for another review tomorrow with some Halloweeny fun with ‘October 32nd’

Written by SJAT

February 25, 2016 at 11:24 am

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