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A new recipe

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Minced Beef and Onion Toastie.

Try it.

It’s experimental, I’ll grant you, with the emphasis on ‘mental’.

I figured what the hell. After all, it’s only going to be like a minced beef pasty.

Well it could have been more successful. Thought we’d try it. Cooked up the minced beef with some onion. Got the toastie maker out…

and it appeared that something must have died in it since 1977 (the last time it was used to my knowledge.) Honestly, the thing was caked with stuff that there just aren’t adjectives to describe. If I’d gone to the toilet on it, it would probably have made it cleaner.

Soooo. We decided not to use it in the end and merely threw it in the bin, accompanied by salutes and a tear in Mrs Moosehunter’s eye. It’s shaped like a cow and decorated in Friesian colours and she calls it Daisy. Daisy has been laid to rest.

So we used the toaster to toast the bread and Mrs M didn’t add butter for fear it would be too soggy.

It wasn’t.

If you took a bucketful of sand from the deepest Egyptian desert, mixed it with silica gel and polystyrene packing and then put it in a sandwich, it would be soggier than this.

My mouth puckered.

Problem is… it tasted good. I was happy with the result. We just need a new sandwich toaster to make it work properly. Until we’ve got one, someone out there give it a try and let me know whether it works.

There’s probably tons to say, but lunch is almost over and gotta do some work.

Back to Microsoft Access I suppose.



Written by SJAT

January 7, 2011 at 3:33 pm

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