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Well now. It seems I’m getting a little lax with my updates. Just because I’m currently playing house-husband is no reason to fail in this regard! Ah well. Yes. Since the termination of my employment with Soulless Corporation (TM) I have spent a lot of time applying for jobs. I’ve spent quite a lot of time looking after the dogs. I’ve spent several lifetimes washing and drying clothes. I spent an eon yesterday re-painting the back fence. This is my crowning achievement so far. Until yesterday our rear fence was a sort of eye-offending dysentery orange/brown sludgy diarrhoea sicky … you get the drift. Now it’s holly green. I love it. Forget for a moment my astounding ineptitude and lack of talent with all things manual. Forget that the next door neighbour’s dog now has a green tail. Forget that our paving stones near the gate are speckled with what looks like some kind of Martian measles. Shit, the fence is GREAT!

So. Jobs. Yes, I’ve applied for a few now. One thing I’m trying to do is avoid the world of IT if at all possible. After all, 90% of my talents lie in entirely different directions (some of them illegal in 57 countries, but let’s leave that for now.) I actually had an interview this morning, but there are two major drawbacks to this job.

  1. (and this is the lesser) The company sells bulk loads of Cooker Hoods manufactured in Italy. That’s it. Now, I realise that I am not being bombarded from all sides with offers of fabulous wealth, but surely there must be something more exciting out there than cooker hoods. In fact, almost anything I would think. International Armpit Comparison Officer would be an improvement. Even in a sweaty country.
  2. (more importantly) The man who owns the company and interviewed me struck me as oily and untrustworthy. In fact, he reminded me a lot of Goboilyourhead in the last job. And he made a number of bigoted comments with borderline racism during the interview. Now I could probably cope with the mind-dulling monotony of cooker hoods. But to work for and with a man like that would probably lead to a jail sentence in short order.

So, I’m hoping not to even be offered the job, which would save me the agony of indecision before turning them down.

However, I have another interview in the morning and that’s with an events management company. And the guy sounded really cool. So I’m hoping that goes well.

I’m pretty sure there’s a ton of news, but I shall save any more for tomorrow. After all, a job interview and a non-vomitworthy fence should be enough for you…

What do you people want from me? BLOOD?

Actually, you could probably have that. I seem to be getting more accident prone as I get older and am currently nursing a cut on my thumb.

Ah well. Enjoy and I’ll be back tomorrow with news from the world of events management.




Written by SJAT

January 11, 2011 at 3:35 pm

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