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Dog Bless us, everyone

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Well now.

I am still tired, but less so than yesterday. Reason? Better night’s sleep vis-a-vis dog barkies.

Yesterday only one thing got added to the ‘List of Mass Destruction’ (see yesterday’s post for details). The dogs managed to break the old plant pot we keep the various washing up brushes, sponges and liquids in. No biggie really. And they didn’t have any pee parties in the house! Late in the afternoon my parents went up the village and collected them, taking them back to their house to have a run in the huge garden and they were good as gold. Good lord they may actually be settling down at last.

Then we tested them last night with being allowed to sleep in the lounge instead of the kitchen and, lo and behold: instead of the 5:30am wailing and gnashing of teeth, we experienced a short barkathon at 6:30 (probably when someone walked past the front of the house) and not another sound until after 7. It was BLISSSS! So I think we’re on to a winner there.

Moleman got on my tits yesterday. I know this is nothing new as the man is a bigger irritant than any chemical known to mankind, but still he earned extra-special dislike yesterday. He overheard me having a conversation with one of the other staff (you know… one of the human ones) about how much trouble our dogs had caused over the last week. As soon as that person had gone, Moleman started telling me that I needed to train the dogs, show them I was the pack alpha, teach them what to do and so on. Moleman! Giving me advice about dogs! Now firstly, I have helped raise family dogs since I was about 6. Secondly, the reason these are harder work is because they’re not puppies and they’ve had years of living in a caged run not a house. Thirdly, I wouldn’t even seek his advice about faeces, let alone dog training. Fourthly, Moleman has lived with his mother pretty much from birth until he was almost sixty and she passed away. He has never been married or probably even involved with another person. As far as I’m aware he’s never had a pet and certainly doesn’t have one now. So how the hell is he qualified to advise me? The man’s probably lower on the evolutionary scale than canines anyway. He’s a lesser member of the animal kingdom. Or possibly at the top level of the vegetable kingdom. I’m not sure. Anyway, rant over.

Last night I went up to the quiz and met with the Shiny One and his better half. The night was nothing short of hilarious. I had reached that point of exhaustion where you’ve broken through the barrier and are running on adrenaline. And that’s funny, coz your brain works faster and harder like that than usual. I got some of my snappiest and sharpest one-liners of my life off last night. Oh, we didn’t win the quiz. Hell, we might as well have been given plaster of Paris and sit in the corner making fake willies as actually attempt the quiz in the state we all appeared to be in, but it was a good and social night and it’s nice to see them again.

I think that’s about all for now. Happy Wednesday everyone.



Written by SJAT

January 27, 2010 at 2:38 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Moosey, Help! Now I’m hooked on your “Moosehunter” tales (and Moley, oh my lord!), but I cannot bring up #’s 63 & 65. Is it me? Because it could well be… I NEED to read them. These are FANTASTIC. They’re like concentrated blog. Jules



    February 28, 2010 at 12:57 am

    • Aha. Nice catch. They’re up. And I’m about ready to roll out some more old Moosehunter entries this week too.



      February 28, 2010 at 9:56 am

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