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Doggage has arrived

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So much to say. Doggage is now well and truly underway. We’ve had them for almost a week and they’re finally settling in by the looks of it. They still get a little naughty, as I discovered this morning coming back into work after 3 days looking after them and plugged in my mouse only to find teeth marks in it. Here’s a list of things both good, bad, funny etc… that have happened:

Freebie papers were delivered yesterday while I was out at the supermarket and the pair of them thought the shape of a standard newspaper was aesthetically unpleasing, so turned them into confetti in the lounge. Also they took the box of long matches from the fireplace mantle and chewed them all in half, so now we’ve an awful lot of short matches, only half of which have sulphur on them.

Murphy (the cheeky one) managed somehow to slip his lead yesterday morning (the catch actually came off his collar) and he managed to do about a half marathon in 3.7 seconds heading towards the A1 trunk road in the distance. I, needless to say, screamed like a castrated banshee in blind panic, but the good lad actually turned round and came back! I was so surprised I almost fell over.

There are claw marks in almost every open space of carpet in the house. These aren’t little ‘cat attached to your leg in excruciating pain’ claw marks. These are long gauges that look like a small and very precise meteor has struck. These, I surmise, are from their little maniacal games. Seth will get his entire jaw around the middle of Murphy’s back and this will trigger a play fight that goes on for about a minute until one of them scampers away at about 30mph. This will lead to a chase that’s like a pedestrianised version of Colin McCrae’s rally around the house and up and down the stairs. They seems to have some difficulty with traction while cornering on the stairs, hence the worst of the marks there.

Murphy had a good sniff at the open fire the first night we had him. I can only assume he sucked up half a pound of soot into his nose as he immediately suffered a violent sneezing fit and hasn’t gone near it again.

There have been a few accidents while getting them housebroken, but they’ve been few and far between and generally small peeing ones. In fact, I haven’t noticed a single accident in the last two days, although today is the big test, as they’ll be alone for around 4 hours before anyone goes to see them. I can’t understand why their dog pee seems to be a sort of radioactive Irn-Bru type orange. We’re not feeding them anything that should do that.

As you may remember I don’t like cats. Not a cat person I’m afraid, as they serve no purpose in the ecological system and kill for fun. Hence I was very pleased to find that Murphy appears to be of the same opinion. He almost dislocated Mrs M’s shoulder last night while trying to get one from his leash.

Despite the fact that they are reasonably independent, quite strong willed and getting better behaved, they seem to have latched onto the two of us in a very unhealthy way. It’s impossible to go anywhere in the house without turning round to find them right behind you blocking your way back. And they’re natural-born sneakers. You can leave them in their bed in the lounge, walk to the kitchen, turn round and they’ll be six inches behind you without having made a sound. It’s quite disconcerting and has made me jump several times. And I’ve discovered how difficult it is to pee with two dogs watching you intently.

Being quite tall dogs, they have one hell of a reach when they jump up. This means that they are quite capable to getting up and seeing what’s on the kitchen worktops. In fact, when they rear up, they’re probably taller than Mrs Moosehunter, which means we may have to rethink storage in the kitchen.

And yesterday, after 5 days of using the excellent gate I put in the fence, I swung it shut and the steel catch sheared off half way along! I didn’t shut it that hard?! What the hell? So the gate’s held shut with an old unloved tie at the moment until we can replace the catch.

Ah well. That’s probably enough to be going on with.

See y’all



Written by SJAT

January 13, 2010 at 5:20 pm

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