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Donitz Day

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I am shamed into submission by my discovery of Ornerypest. Not only is he funny, interesting and intelligent, but he updates… EVERY DAY! And I squeeze out an entry once in a mauve moon when there’s an R in the month and I’m wearing baggy enough pants!

So, I shall be taking a leaf from him book. He tells us in every entry of a famous birthday. Well, in that case, Each day (that I can be arsed), I shall either document a famous event that occurred on this day, or if nothing remotely interesting happened, a useless, but fascinating factoid. This, of course, relies on me having access every day, so there will be breaks when I am away (as well as breaks when I cannot be, as aforementioned, arsed.)


To begin:

May 1st.

63 years ago today one Admiral Karl Donitz, head of Nazi Germany’s Navy, was declared successor after Hitler’s suicide. Can you imagine the situation? The proud 3rd Reich that had a couple of years ago been marching across the planet, imposing it’s own, homespun brand of evil sickness on the world. Now, by May 1945 the 3rd Reich consists of about 300 yards of central Berlin, a cinema, 3 Frankfurters and an elderly Dachshund.

And so close you can smell the Brilliantine are around a million somewhat peeved Brits, Yanks, Canadians, Anzacs and all the rest of the allies wanting someone to gently boil and then peel in revenge for what the Nazi Party had done. Enter Admiral Donitz. I realise that he was probably not a nice man. He was, after all a party member and served a decade in jail for war crimes, but you’ve got to feel slightly sorry for him exactly 63 years ago, as Hans Unterpuppy, the secretary of state for ‘giving up really quickly’ walks into Donitz’s room and salutes.

“Congratulations Admiral, you are zer neue President of zer Third Reich. Now I don’t vant you to vorry Admiral, but zere are some agitated gentlemen in zer next room viz a garotte, an electric eel und four zouzand pounds of explosive zat vant to discuss your future.”

Today is mixed revulsion and sympathy for the man given the reins of the dying nag that was Germany and pointed at the cactus patch.



Written by SJAT

January 7, 2011 at 4:22 pm

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