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Downtown Beirut

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Once more I haven’t written an entry in a while, so let’s catch up on a few things:

Builders are at work in our office at the moment. This has resulted in the disappearance of our kitchen and the ladies’ toilet in a cloud of dust and a pile of breeze-blocks. The upshot of this is that:

– now when we need to go up or down stairs we have to walk through a massive cloud of grey dust and risk victorian miners’ lung complaints.

– ladies and gents are sharing one toilet. This doesn’t bother us, but some of the female employees have been near to fatal shock after following Moleman the sprinkle-dick into the pee-flooded compartment. Now they know what we put up with on a daily basis.</p><p>- Our little room is filled with excess desks and fridges and so on. In order to extract or remove a printer cartridge from my stores, I have to heave furniture around until I rupture something.

– In order to fill our kettle to have coffee I have to use the sink in the communal toilet. Euch!

The builders disappeared mysteriously at one point. They’d been happily hammering the walls until the entire building shook all morning and had reduced two walls to a pile of rubble. Then they’d completely vanished! I couldn’t understand it, but I have my suspicion. At some point in their carnival of mayhem, they’d unearthed a huge concrete lintel that ran from one supporting wall to another. Merrily on their way they succeeded in smashing it in two. It’s still there sticking out of both walls, but not meeting in the middle. I have a feeling this can’t be good. If it’s such a heavy construction item and went from one wall to another then there’s a reason for this. And once they broke it, they went away. I keep looking nervously at the ceiling waiting for the creaking sounds.

On a whole different tack, we really  enjoyed our weekend away in Canterbury. I didn’t even suffer with my fear of crowds, fear of southerners or fear of retards. Actually it’s a really nice place. Mrs Moosehunter smacked her forehead on the shower tap in the middle of showering and almost knocked herself out, but that’s pretty par for the course. All the shopkeepers and sales assistants in Canterbury seem to be pressed from the same mould. They’re all extremely friendly, very helpful and smile a lot. They’re also clinically insane, slightly backwards and unbelievably slow at everything they do. Honestly it’s like stepping back into a home for the mentally handicapped in the 19th century. But I really can’t complain about them because despite having apparently being weaned on lead and asbestos, they were all REALLY nice.

On wednesday night I intended to write about Canterbury. I’d been online on my home PC very briefly on Tuesday when we got back, but hadn’t had time. So one Wednesday, after waiting until after 11pm for Mrs Moosehunter to stop using the net for her college work, I plugged the cable in and….

No dial tone.

That’s odd. I had one yesterday. And I used the phone earlier. And Mrs Moosehunter can get on.


Various spot checks and diagnostic tools later, it appears my modem has been removed.


In my absence?

I checked and there it was, plugged in and attached. Perfect. Tried to reinstall the drive but to no avail. In the end I had to strip cables off the thing, haul it down to the carpet and removed the cards, check them over and put them back in. I then booted back up and it went on the net. Boy did I feel good, though I still will never understand how pulling a card out of a slot and putting it back in makes it work. Arse. It was 2:30 when I finally got to bed. And have only just got round to writing it up.

Damn. I suffer from a variety of eczema on my hands, so in order to prevent it, I use hand cream. Not the perfumed girly-sort, but for medical reasons. I just put some on and my typing has now dropped to half its speed as my fingers keep slipping across the keyboard.

Anyway, there’s probably a lot more to write, but that’ll do for now.

Cheers all,



Written by SJAT

December 20, 2009 at 1:16 pm

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