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Fortean Events in Yorkshire

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The Fortean Times: Some unexplainable things.

Just a quick supplemental to the previous entry. Strange things I’ve noticed over the last few days.

1. The black specks. There is something resembling small black seeds/fish roe on our bathroom shelf near the window. We’re fifty miles from the sea and a considerable from the fields behind the house. I’m confused as to their origin and am loathe to remove them until I can ascertain what they actually are.

>2. After a shower the other morning, I looked down and saw what I can only describe as a hairball on the floor. It was like an extended feather. Did it fall out of my ass? My head hair’s shorter than my body hair! Where did it COME from?

3. No matter how many times I do the washing, I have one sock that obviously belongs to Mrs Moosehunter due to its inability to even cover my heel. Where then is MY missing sock, and why has she not complained about the lack of a counterpart?

4. We have a small plastic cup that holds toothpaste and a few toothbrushes. It’s pretty solid. It sits in a wooden holder not quite the right size, but it’s solid. I can tap it and wiggle it and it doesn’t move. I dare say if I hit it with a hammer it would, but gentle manipulation can’t shift it. Why then when I drop the toothpaste tube into it does it always end up on the floor?

Things to ponder on. Current music on the way to bed is Priest=Aura by the Church

See y’all



Written by SJAT

August 20, 2009 at 11:37 am

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