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Fortean events

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Fortean events in Yorkshire…

Some strange things are happening.

Last night I left our house at around 11 and walked down the village to my parents’ house. It was, of course, dark and the streetlights lit my path. And then as I passed beneath one particular one it went out. One could assume that this is something to do with broken bulbs or power fluctuations or some such, but for the fact that several days ago, while walking up the village, that same light mysteriously switched itself on as I passed beneath it. That also was in the dark late at night. Then, just to hammer the nail in the coffin of my sanity, as I returned from the house to my own in the wee hours this morning, the streetlight had been functioning again and ONCE MORE SWITCHED OFF AS I WALKED UNDERNEATH! What in the name of God is going on? Who is messing with my head?

Then there was the subject of the shower. Our shower late last week was starting to do some peculiar and random things. It would get real cold with the power light off and remain that way until you thought you had a penis-icle. Then it would suddenly ping, the auto-reset light would flash, the power light would go on and the scorching heat of boiling water would strip flesh from your bones. If you remember the trouble we had with the shower at our old house, this is eerily familiar. On Sunday it functioned normally and I had a comfy shower, safe in the knowledge that the glitch had gone. Then? Monday morning. Switched on the shower and no water came out. Hmm. Washed hair and body, deodorised and went to work. Completely off-the-cuff when I came home I tried the shower and a cascade of perfectly heated water greeted me. Now I am confused again and trying to decide what to do about it. This morning? Water but no heat. Then Mrs M (who is not at work today due to a civil servants’ strike) had a shower late morning in perfectly heated water. Not sure how much more of this shower I can take at the mo.

I know it’s not unexplainable or fortean in any way, but I feel that here I ought also to mention Seth, the more sensible of our two possibly retarded dogs. Last night we had to pause a DVD as Mrs M thought she heard a noise. We did so and heard a clacking sound. It took only moments to realise that it was the sound of tooth enamel. Seth was eating in his sleep. It was honestly so funny I almost peed. Add to that the fact that he was lying on a sofa with his neck craned over the edge and his nose almost touching the ground and the fact that every time you counted to five a drip fell from the end of his nose and it was quite a surreal scene.

Clicketty clack… clack… click….     DRIP….   Clacketty-Clicketty-click….     DRIP.

Ahahahahahahhaha. Mrs M is convinced it is what’s left of Seth’s brain running out of his head.

Also I was almost late for work yesterday as my alarm did not go off. I set it exactly the same way I do every other day and every day it works. But not yesterday. I checked it thoroughly and there was nothing wrong. It just decided helpfully not to wake me up. Bastard thing.

Think that’s enough to be going on with, but I’ll update when there’s more mystery or one of them’s solved.



Written by SJAT

December 24, 2010 at 12:07 pm

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