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*** NEW UPDATE – November 2011 – WHOLE FILE REWORKED ***

This is the most comprehensive collection of sites of Graeco-Roman entertainment I can manage and is the sum of several years of research and constant change with the help of you folk. The list covers all forms of entertainment venue that were utilised in the Roman world, including the Byzantine east.
Though they are not specifically ‘entertainment’ venues as such, I have included the Bouleuterions (council chambers) of the Greek east for two reasons: Firstly, they sometimes shared a use as an entertainment venue in the later Empire. Secondly, some are uncertain as to they original use anyway and could be some for of auditorium.
This month the list has been heavily altered. A number of sites that were labelled as hi-res have been downgraded and a new res category added. I hope that I’ve managed to shuffle these into more appropriate files. In addition several of the sites have been moved slightly (or in one case removed) following new information and better location data.
The list is now split four ways: Hi-Res in Green: Sites that are clearly visible with moderate detail or better or sites hidden by trees or buildings that will not become any better res. Mid-Res in Purple: Sites that are clearly identifiable but lacking in detail or too blurred to be classed as Hi-res Low-Res in Yellow: Sites that are barely discernable and very little or no detail is visible, though the site is confirmed Unlocated in Orange: Sites that are known to exist, though exact location has yet to be confirmed.
The list, over the four categories currently includes 106 Circuses, Stadia & Hippodromes, 249 Amphitheatres & 656 Theatres, Odeons & Bouleterions.
If anyone knows of any sites of Roman Entertainment that are not included please do let me know so that I can add them. I will continue to upgrade the sites currently in low or mid-res as they become available in hi-res.
And thanks to a whole bunch of folk who constantly help me correct errors here.



Written by SJAT

March 20, 2012 at 11:38 pm

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