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Happiness and Panic

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So, after yesterday’s rant over the inconsistencies of command on HMS Soulless Corporation, I am beset today by good news and by worries.

1. Another person has quit at work. For those of you who remember, we had a mass exodus of seven staff in two months from Christmas. We’re undergoing phase two currently. Four staff so far in one month. That’s ELEVEN staff of a company of 22 in less than a year! Oh dear God, why am I still here? Oh yeah… coz no agent’s appeared to publish either of my novels. <Appeal once more> If anyone knows an agent or publisher, PLEASE get in touch.

2. We have today been told we can have the house in the village from 1st December. This means this afternoon we have to hand in our notice on the current one. Mrs Moosehunter (who I’m trying to persuade to write a diary entry) says she might be able to get there and do it this afternoon. Yay and here’s hoping. She’s good at being strong. I’m not. I’m a coward and hate to feel like I’m letting anyone down, so I’m not looking forward to it. Then there’s the increased rent, the distance to travel to work, and the general worry about upheaval and panic. It’s a fantastic thing, but with a side order of just enough worry to make me panic.

3. This morning the Moleman came in as usual to make a coffee. I ALWAYS make myself one beforehand. I’ve never tasted a moleman coffee, but I’ve seen them and heard the reports. He offered McBoring (whose name might soon change upon his recent accession to humanity) a coffee. The conversation went something like this:

  • Moleman: Would you like a coffee (here he used the wrong pronunciation of McB’s name, as he seems to be clinically incapable of pronouncing it properly)?
  • McB: Alright moleman.
  • Moleman: You have it white with one sugar, yes?
  • McB: Half a sugar, moleman.
  • Moleman: So just one sugar?
  • McB: HALF a sugar, moleman.
  • Moleman: So white with one…
  • (there is here alull in conversation while moleman makes the ‘coffee’ which sounds a lot like the Battle of Britain re-enacted with cutlery and crockery after which the Moleman emerges victorious with a mug of coffee for McB.)
  • McB: That’s not my mug (I believe I’ve mentioned his choice of awful mugs before, both of which have made me laugh and cringe. One says “I love my job” and the other “Top Insurance Employee” <sigh>)
  • Moleman: Oh, I’m sorry
  • McB: Never Mind
  • (Insert here the lull as Moleman produces said mug of ‘coffee’ and slips, hurling it across McB’s desk and soaking many of his Personnel files. Insert also the sniggering sounds across the room where Moosehunter is enjoying the coffee he himself made, that doesn’t contain dribble, mole-oil, a teabag or any of the many random ingredients that a Moleman coffee is famous for)
  • I don’t know the order or exact phrasing of the conversation that followed, largely because I was trying not to laugh so hard I hurled on my keyboard. Suffice it to say that the Moleman was apologetic in that peculiar way of his (he doesn’t actually let anyone else talk, but speeds on with it like a bullet train.) For the next hour and a half every time he caugh eye contact with McB he tried to explain why he’d spilled the coffee.

4. I have started writing my third novel. My first was historical fiction (kind of a Sharpe in the Roman Republic). My second was a darker fantasy work based loosely on the civil wars of the late Empire. The new one is a comedy set in Yorkshire in the modern age. A total departure.

All in all, things are a bit tight financially, a bit worrying near-future wise and a bit panicky, but at the same time are lovely, fantastic and make me laugh. The-IT-man (my boss as I continually point out) is one constant at work that keeps me from going totally do-lally (is that how you spell it?) at work. He has been chasing me all morning to find out whether we have the house and after Christmas when his second-born actually puts in an appearance finally, they will be among our first guests.

Ah well. Good and bad is the way of the world, and all things being equal, I’m currently fairly satisfied.



Written by SJAT

January 5, 2010 at 4:21 pm

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