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It’s Cheese Gromit!

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Had to update following my fairly dull entry of earlier, just to mention two things.

Firstly, I’ve joined an online play-by-email game and the guys seem pretty cool, and everything’s going along swimmingly (though that may be swimming in Gin!) until I send the guy running the game a message telling him I’m going away for a few days and accidentally send it to the entire group (players and all). Yay. I’m a goddamn IT manager and should know better. Ah well. Fits in with my day.

Secondly, and most importantly, Mrs Moosehunter went to IKEA yesterday and bought me some cheese. I like cheese and will eat almost any variety you put down in front of me. White, red, blue, green, dog’s cheese, rat’s cheese, cheese with fungus growing on it, cheese with a human head in it. Anything. Anyway, she examined the scale of cheeses that went from weak to strong (see where I’m going with this?) Only one cheese on sale is not weak, so she buys it. Anyone tried Wanas adel? My God. My eyes were watering after the first bite. I swear my hair’s going greyer by the minute. I think my teeth are making chiming noises. Hell what a cheese. I couldn’t eat much in one sitting, so I checked the eat-by date to see how long I could keep it and it was made in February, sold in April and goes out of date in … AUGUST! My dear sweet lord, what am I eating??? This cheese can’t go off, coz it was made like that!

On the bright side, if I can’t eat all of it, I can lend it to Hotspur to help him get the remnants of his old wallpaper removed!

Anyway, that’s it.

Further update: Went downstairs to do some washing and washing up just before Mrs Moosehunter came home. While folding a pair of jeans I managed to punch myself in the testicles and now (25 mins later) the kidney pain is just starting to go. This day just gets better and better. On the upside, I watched Mrs Moosehunter spraying the outside of the garbage bags with orange air freshener before she put them on the drive. The reasoning? To deter rats with something that doesn’t taste nice, but now she worries it’ll attract them due to its delicious orangy smell. That’s right. We’re a weird couple.

Music right now is Dark Tranquility – lots of growling, but genuinely great music.


As a matter of interest, it appears my previous entry is inaccessible, so here it is in full:

Not really funny, just a collection of mutterings…

I have spent most of today moving roughly 1/3 of our office’s it equipment from desk to desk and then setting it all up again, changing the phone system and moving people around, solving irritating problems and trying to get to grips with the underlying template files of Microsoft Office. The upshot of all this is that I did not have a lunch break and consequently haven’t eaten since yesterday and am slightly more confused with Microsoft Office than I was when I started. For some reason, during the various moves of equipment, I seem to have ended up with spares of almost everything. I currently have on my desk: laptop, extra monitor for same, phone, printer, test server (along with keyboard, mouse and monitor) and of course all my standard crap (shelves of books, stationary, scrap paper etc.) UNDER my desk I have: 2 spare monitors, 1 spare PC, 1 broken pc, 1 box of network cable, I box of assorted cables, 1 box of books, a phone and a keyboard.

This is it. My desk is officially where computer hardware comes to die. Plus I can no longer get my knees under my desk.

Mrs Moosehunter and I are going away for a couple of days to seek blessed relief from the constant bag or rotten garbage that seems to be threatening to swamp us at the moment. This means, of course, that I have to get shed-loads of things done first. The bright side of all this is that there’s going to be major building work in our office and moving of servers and all sorts of irritating crap that would normally at least involve me a little. And I’m not here. YAY ME! You should hear people here muttering about that (hee hee hee)

I worry a lot. Mostly about our financial state, but worrying is natural to me, so I can find something else if I need to. This morning I spoke to Barney in the car park before going in to work. Don’t ask me why I’ve called him Barney. I’m tired and can’t think of anything more appropriately imaginative. I feel down occasionally between the money, my dad’s chest trouble, my father in law’s brush with coronaries and the wedding planning etc. I try not to do so in front of Mrs Moosehunter as she gets down herself and needs me to be smiley and uplifting a lot of the time. However, I suddenly realised this morning how lucky we really are. Our dads are ok and we’re surviving financially. Barney has suffered a lot more this year. His house burned down, his son was in court (though not guilty thank God), his son crashed a scooter and his wife has gall stones. Add to this three people in our office who have lost a parent this year. Jeez! I AM lucky.

Oh, I think that as a small comic interlude I should recount something from Tuesday night. On our way to the village pub where I run the quiz, Mrs Moosehunter spotted a hare by the side of the road in the half-light. Now I personally cannot distinguish between rabbits and hares (bad country boy), but I almost choked in hysterics when Mrs Moosehunter made “Oooo” noises and then, with a sigh, explained that she’d thought at first that it was a deer.

“A deer?“

She nodded.

“A young one.”

Once I could breathe again I tried to convince her that no deer, no matter how young, would be knee deep in the roadside grass. It would, in fact, be looking over the hedge, not scurrying along under it. After the episode last year with cows (can’t remember whether I wrote about it or not – Mrs Moosehunter was scared witless by a calf who ran at her and slammed the brakes on at the last minute) I’ve been winding her up over her bovophobia ever since. Now she sees nine-inch high deer! I remember being a student and doing a few recreational substances that resulted in me seeing things like that, but not now when I’m straight and sober!

Today is the first day in the office without Chicken Boy. He finally left. My pool of people I trust at work is rapidly diminishing. This may account for my odd mood today and apparent inability to write anything remotely amusing. Perhaps something worthy of note will happen over the weekend. If so, look for another update.

Music for right now is the feral growling my stomach is making.

Oh, on a seperate note, I read Uncle Bob’s latest. His first post in a long time, and it looks like he’s going to stop being Uncle Bob. Well I’ll miss his writings, but I completely understand his reasons and sympathise.



Written by SJAT

December 20, 2009 at 1:14 pm

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  1. I am in total and utter agreement about Wanas adel cheese! I bought some today from Ikea, a big blue cheese fan and curiousity got the better of me. It blew my head off. My favourite cheese is Roquefort, but Wanas adel, no thank you, You could use it to strip wallpaper! Nasty stuff!



    June 12, 2010 at 12:01 am

    • Heh heh heh. Blue cheese, yes… Cheese that turns you blue? No….



      June 12, 2010 at 1:36 am

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