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Well it’s now been a full working week since the tire went on my scooter and it’s still sitting outside the office with only one wheel (the other is at home awaiting new tire). Incidentally, is it ‘tyre’ or ‘tire’. I lean towards tyre as it’s the name of a classical seaport in the Levant, but that’s probably not a good reason for grammatical choices. Fairly soon the local scrotes in the ‘affordable housing’ next to the office (where the police are called out on an almost daily basis) will start to use it for either spares or target practice. If it still had two wheels they could use it for joyriding, though I can’t imagine villains get much street-cred for joyriding a 50cc scooter. I must get it sorted and take it home. Hopefully the new tire will arrive today and we can get it back at the weekend.

So. I’ve been planning our trip to Istanbul (late May) and decided the time had come to learn a little Turkish in advance. So I have been examining useful phrases. A ‘Turkish Delight’ it isn’t. For those of you who’ve read (or particularly seen) Lord of the Rings and heard spoken the Black Speech of Mordor, that appears to be what Turkish sounds like. It makes very little linguistic sense to someone who has only ever concentrated on the Romance languages. I’m looking forward (maybe even fiveward) to the various sights of ancient Byzantine Istanbul, the underground funicular (which boggles my mind as a concept), the underground mosque, the American attack sub you can go round, the 4 storey block of flats so narrow you can’t lie down in it, Efes beer (by the gallon), real Turkish Delight, not the rubber crap you can buy in England that tastes of sheep-dip, and kebabs that are tasty even before you consume enough beer to float the QE2.

Anyway. This is just a quick catch-up one. Nothing outstanding to report. Scooter’s still ill and off the road. Murphy’s leg is still wrapped in bandages like a blue mummy, but is now almost better. My various aches from falling down the stairs at the weekend have gone, leaving as the only mark an impressive carpet burn on my elbow where I hit the lower landing. Oh and caught up with Doctor Who.

Still… weekend is almost here.

Wayhay. See you in the funny pages.



Written by SJAT

January 7, 2011 at 4:15 pm

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