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Missed most of today

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I like real Christmas trees. We’re in a bit of a quandary at the moment as we’ve been offered my dad’s quite good fake one from last year as it won’t fit among their furniture this year, but we like real trees. However, that one’s free and going to waste. And it would be better environmentally that arbitrarily ending the life of another fine example of God’s arboriculture just so we’ve got something nice and green to hang tinsel on. Hmmm. Don’t know why I torture myself as I know that in the end, Mrs M will make the decision for me anyway.

(Hmm. Like the accidental use of the words Arboriculture and Arbitrarily in the same sentence. Can’t figure a way to get Arbalest or Arbitrager into it.)

Today it is wet. Some unhappy weather God is pouring the Pacific Ocean over Ripon through a sieve, so I’m not going out at lunch if it’s still like that. After all, I’ve not brought my water wings. Due to the heavy low cloud and sheets of driving rain, it is currently slight darker than it was before the sun came up, and everything has that grey/yellow tint that the world gets in such circumstances.

As a worry, it is now 12 days until Christmas. I’m working for 7.5 of them. December pay doesn’t come in until next week and at this time, here is my list of preparations complete:


and here is my list of preparations incomplete:

  • Plan what to get people.
  • Shop for presents
  • Buy cards
  • Write cards
  • Buy tree
  • Find decorations
  • Decorate tree and house
  • Stock up with Christmas food and drink.

and here is my list of preparation H:

(just joking)

As you can see I am extraordinarily unprepared for this seasonal celebration and repast. Damn!

I’m in an expansive literary mood today and this overblown, verbose and largely pointless entry is the result. Consider it a freebie. It’s been a long time since I rambled madly about pointless rubbish (See earlier entries such as “Guns, Gnomes and Asshats”.)

Ok. I wrote all that early this morning. It’s now late in the afternoon and I’ve been too busy to deal with anything in between. Through plenty of work and the constant, incessant and irritating warbling, burbling and tutting that emanates from the sack of crap that is the Moleman, I’ve not been able to think straight all day. So I’ll have to leave it here with just the additional comment that I got my trousers covered in mud this lunchtime just running to the shop in the rain to buy a sandwich. Good old Yorkshire winters, damn them.



Written by SJAT

January 7, 2010 at 3:58 pm

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