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Moosey’s PC Clinic

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I am having a bad week with PC hardware. This is nothing to do with my job. That’s going as smoothly as ever it was (i.e. depressing, drab, dismal and other words beginning with D). This is to do with friends and family.

On Friday night I lost my temper with a friend of Uncle Festers. I held it in quite well and merely grumbled and looked exasperated. He has a new laptop and the Computer Literacy level of a pregnant goat. What are you supposed to do when someone who doesn’t understand the most basic concepts presents you with a new, largely unused factory-settings laptop and opens the conversation with “How do I get on the internet?”


Cue explaining basic concepts and trying to walk someone through them.

Sorry Fester. Had to rant briefly. I like the guy, I honestly do, but that conversation had me almost tearing out my hair.

And on the subject of my favourite Friday-night pals…

I agreed some weeks ago to take our wireless receiver over to Uncle Fester’s house to test their wireless strength in their son’s room. True to form I have consistently forgotten to take the damn thing over for weeks, leading to me being regularly badgered by said lad for it. On Friday I actually remembered to take it. Hooray. And once there, realised I’d forgotten the CD with the drivers on. So this is still ongoing, only now Mrs M’s wireless receiver is at Chez Fester and she cannot connect to the net. Yes indeed I am a popular man at times.

Last night I went to help my mother out, who does not have enough USB ports for all the devices she has. She had a USB adapter with a 4-way split, but no power lead for it. I found a matching power lead, took it down there, moved furniture in order to plug it in, repeatedly banged my head on the underside of the PC desk, finally hooked it up, switched it on and was greeted by the smell of burning electrics. After a momentary panic it turned out not to be the computer itself, but the USB thingy, which is now useless molten plastic. After a further half hour of testing and moving cables and banging my head, I finally got it down to the point where she only had four devices that needed USB ports (which she had). The reason? She had been using a corded mouse and a wireless keyboard as the wireless mouse had stopped working. After some serious testing and worrying, it turned out the batteries in the mouse had gone flat. New batteries… working cordless mouse… one less USB device… problem solved.

Apart from the lingering smell of burning and the fact that my head looks like a relief map of the Alps.

I also have my brother-in-laws laptop coming for me to have a look at. Don’t actually know what’s wrong with it yet, but at this rate there’s likely to be more wrong with it when I’ve touched it!

And the cleaner at work has given me her old hard-drive to try and retrieve info from. I expect that’s going to go wrong too.

Moosehunter’s PC clinic. Now open. Bring anything more complex than a plastic Tomy learning computer at your own risk!


Written by SJAT

December 24, 2010 at 12:41 pm

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