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Of Mice and Rain Men

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Because I consider myself a cultured and artistic Moosehunter, I shall show my peaceful, urbane and sophisticated side with a Haiku:


Programming lingo
Sucks hairy ass big time
I want beer


Like that? Want another?


Dead donkey
Grey and covered in flies
Like my jeans



I have come to the dubious and illogical conclusion that we have diabolical mice in our house. These, however, are not the common cheese-thief cute little buggers.


I am an anal-retentive over a number of things. Mrs M prefers to call me autistic. That’s love for you, eh? I’m actually considering starting up a second blog as Rain Man. Anyway

DVDs are being violated. No, not in that way, sicko! I like my DVDs all in the correct cases and the correct places. And now, two have disappeared completely, the cases have disappeared for another two and one case is empty! This is only one step on my list of criminal acts from stealing my eyeballs. I could, in theory, land the blame with Mrs M who can be, at times, a little on the messy side.

But no. Apart from the fact that she has the good sense to steer clear of DVD organisation, there’s the strange case of the PC games.

I now have four empty covers for PC games. I know they were out and about last time we had kids round, but they wouldn’t have left the house, and the kids in question wouldn’t have stolen them. Scattered them, maybe. Maybe coated them in jam and fed them to the dogs, but not taken them.

Before we went away for New Year, I spent about an hour going through every drawer in the house looking for my hip flask because it wasn’t in its accustomed place on the cupboard. After having walked past it a mere two dozen times, I found it… standing blatantly and defiantly on the wrong cupboard!

So there you have it.

Evil miscreant mice.

I’m going to set a humane trap, baited with a mint copy of Brotherhood of the Wolf on DVD.

I bet I catch a mouse with a really high forehead and a monocle.


Perhaps I should drink less coffee.

See you in the funny pages.



Written by SJAT

January 11, 2011 at 3:52 pm

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