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Party Dog

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So much to catch up on…

Let me start with detailing the birthday weekend… A four day Easter weekend that promised to be a little alcoholic. Good Friday was my dear papa’s landmark 60th birthday. He spent most of the day on the North Yorkshire Moors railway and in Whitby and was happy as Larry (who I believe is a very happy chappy.) I just sort of bumbled around the village until the evening when we all went to the pub to celebrate. Then came Saturday (the birthday of a friend of ours in the village.) We were having Uncle Fester and Aunt Morticia and family over for the evening. The plan was to meet up with my parents, go to the pub to say happy birthday to friend x and then be back at the house just in time for the visitors to arrive.

So we went to the pub. And the surprise party leapt out at me and frightened me half to death. People couldn’t believe I had no inkling of what was planned. It was in fact a joint party for my 35th, my dad’s 60th and my dad’s retirement. Most of our local friends were there, as were a number of people I didn’t expect to see who came from further afield. I’m not altogether good with surprise parties. I panic and then spend my time faintly embarrassed about all the attention. I suffered somewhat severe shell shock for the first hour. People said ‘Happy birthday’ to me and all I seemed to be able to reply was ‘Errrm. Yeah.’

Five minutes into the thing I ran away back four doors down to our house to check on the dogs and discovered a fairly massive lake of pee in the kitchen. I was still in shock and confusion, but now I was in shock, confusion and pee. And there was a knock at the front door. I opened it and it was my god-parents with a card and a present. They hadn’t gone straight to the pub like the others as they happened to see me enter the house. I was not in the best of states and panicked loudly at them. I believe I later apologised enough though.

In the end the party went very well. I even Karaokeyed. After the party many people came back to our house to continue the debauchery.

Sunday I had a small headache. As is traditional in these circumstances (it being my actual birthday) I killed the headache off with more beer at the pub at lunchtime.

Monday was spent recovering.

And rest.

Back to work Tuesday and fraught business. Very busy week, but no Mole man! Yay. Tuesday and Wednesday he was still on his Easter holiday up in Pickering where he goes every year to follow schoolgirls around. And on Thursday and Friday when he was back? I filled in to help out admin who were very much short-staffed upstairs (due partially to Raf-man who was in Holland tulip-spotting.) So while I was doing two jobs simultaneously and feeling very harassed, at least I was on a different floor to the Mole creature.

Then came blessed weekend once more. This last weekend Mrs M was in London visiting her university friends and I took the dogs to Uncle Fester’s for Friday night. We had a great deal of fun and he dropped us back in the village on Saturday. I had the evening planned. Run the dogs for a while, then set the Watford match and Doctor Who to tape, then up to the pub to watch the match. But no. Our Murphy (the darker of the two dogs) had other plans.

While running them at my great aunt/parents’ place, I was wandering round the garden when I heard a bang like a bomb going off and screaming and howling like a Banshee convention. It was Murphy. I found him lying on his side dripping blood and screaming. He’d been running with his brother around the shed where my great aunt keeps all the donkey food and stuff and had hit the shed so hard that a bale of hay had fallen over. He’d cut his knee and badly bruised and wrenched his leg. We took him to the emergency vet in Bedale and he had three stitches, a course of pills and so on. So I have spent the rest of the weekend watching him closely and making sure he didn’t eat his stitches or that his brother didn’t lie on his leg or anything. On Sunday they went out into the back yard at 8:30am and stayed there until sunset. I stayed out with them all day watching over them and as a consequence I am fairly badly sunburned down one side.

In all I am a great deal more exhausted than I was before the weekend and I don’t know what to do this week about our boys. They’re spending all today with my parents but they need pretty constant supervision over the next few days and my mother can’t work and watch them at the same time. I don’t know what to do about it. And I worry almost constantly as Murphy won’t put any weight on his leg and walk.

The life of a Moosehunter is always eventful eh? This could probably have been funnier if I was less tired and worried, but I’m afraid I am.

Oh well. Another week unfolds.

See y’all.


Written by SJAT

December 24, 2010 at 11:58 am

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