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Looks like rain…

It’s been somewhat dry recently. Dry as a Tuareg’s sandal in fact. Dry. And then suddenly yesterday it rained. And because it rained for the first time in ages, it reminded me why I dislike the stuff.

  1. The dogs. The moment water starts to pour from the sky and bounce off the floor, dust turns to ankle-deep murk. Which the dogs love. As soon as it rains, you have to carefully dry the dogs every single time they come in through the door (and sometimes wash them too.) And if you miss, or the dog escapes the towel for instance, you will be cleaning muddy pawprints off the beige sofa for days.
  2. Moleman. As soon as it rains, moleman takes to wearing his strange see-through plastic mac/condom. In essence, when you see him hurting through the rain, he looks like a shrink-wrapped teletubby. It’s not nice.
  3. Umbrellas. I rarely use one. I have waterproof skin and am not frightened of getting wet. As soon as it rains though, everyone’s out with umbrellas. And the people who use them seem to have a small piece of their brain missing; the bit that makes them careful not to hurt other people. A stroll down the street turns into a cross between gladiatorial combat and running the gauntlet. Smacks on the head with them, poke in the eye with them. Then there’s people tipping water on you as they walk past. And the people with broken brollies that have one long metal spoke sticking dangerously out on its own. I hate umbrellas.
  4. Photography. I like to photograph historical sites. It’s not often a weekend goes past where we don’t find an excuse to pile off and look at seven bricks stacked up in a field that were once a magnificent building. But in the rain, the photographs will come out dark and foreboding and detail will be lost as the image is too dark to make out. And depressing of course.

More later. Just a bit of a bitch about having a small sea poured on me by a vengeful God.


Written by SJAT

December 24, 2010 at 12:32 pm

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