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Screaming Heeby Jeebies

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Just to show that small humorous events occur even during stressful panic, the dogs are currently sleeping in our room at night so we can keep an eye on them or be there if Murphy needs us. (Yes I know we’re soft, but he does need watching.)

Anyway, last night (I don’t know what time but I’d been asleep for a while and it was still dark) I was awakened by a blood-curdling scream. Honestly, it’s not the easiest way to wake up. From deep sleep to bolt upright and staring in a fraction of a second! So I leaned forward to see what I could see and realised that although I’d opened my eyes it was still dark. So I turned on my bedside light. And what did I see?

Both dogs lying comfortably in their beds. Seth looking bleary and slightly bemused and Murphy staring at me as though I was wearing a green ostrich on my head. Honestly, he looked totally surprised and confused. And I stared back at him. What kind of animals have we acquired that scream like a banshee in the middle of the night and then stare at you in confusion like there’s a petunia growing out of your nose when you switch the light on to check them?




Written by SJAT

December 24, 2010 at 12:00 pm

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