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Sex Hotel

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I know… I know… I haven’t been keeping up the writing. In brief, to save time: (deep breath….)

1. I am now another year older. Happened this week and it took me till my birthday was almost over to work out how old I was.

2. Murphy has a hole in his leg the size of a 5 pence piece. The vet is happy with the way it’s still clean, but it needs to be bathed and bandaged every day and you can see the tendons inside, which is giving both Mrs M and myself the major Heeby Jeebies. Doesn’t seem to bother him at all though. His bandage is a fetching blue and looks like a leg-warmer, so the poor lad has picked up the new nickname of ‘Flashdance’.

3. Two days ago a young lassie on the road managed to drop her scooter on my left leg (long story, but she was on her scooter next to me on mine at a junction.) I now have a bruise that seems to be growing daily. I’ve never had a motor vehicle dropped on me before.

4. End of last week I had an itchy nose all the way to work and at some point late morning I realised a rogue nose hair was tickling my nostril. So I pulled the bugger out. For more than half an hour my eyes wouldn’t stop watering and in the end I examined the hair to see it there was any brain attached as it seems it must have been connected.

5. Went to Lincoln last week end with the Mrs to examine Roman remains, Monastic remains and the underside of oak tables in bars. We stayed in a place with a French name, decorated with Buddhas that was converted from a Victorian town house. It was quite peculiar and open plan and Mrs M kept referring to it as a “sex-hotel”, convinced that everyone else there was a swinger. She was persistent enough in her belief that I was starting to worry as I staggered in an alcohol-induced haze back to the hotel whether we’d wake up with a 400lb German between us.

I expect there’s tons of other stuff, but that’s it for now.

Ciao bambinos…



Written by SJAT

January 7, 2011 at 4:10 pm

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