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The Legion novels for children

A series of Roman adventures aimed at readers of 8-12, with two volumes currently available in paperback or ebook, written by Simon and illustrated beautifully by the amazing Dave Slaney

#1: Crocodile Legion

The prefect of Egypt needs money. And the men of the 22nd Legion must brave mazes and tombs and curses and crocodile gods to get to it.

Marcus and Callie, orphaned in ancient Alexandria and taken in by their uncle, the standard bearer in the legion, are about to travel up the great river Nile with the legionaries in a tense and funny adventure to grab the gold of the Pharaoh Amenemhat.

Join the legion and discover ancient Roman Egypt.




#2: Pirate Legion

Marcus and Callie and the men of the 22nd Legion have solved the mystery of the Pharaoh’s treasure, but their quest revealed the existence of a shadowy criminal waiting to receive that treasure.

Now they are bound for Crete, home of the criminal collector known as the Minoan, and prey to pirates along its coasts. In addition to the ongoing hunt for a master criminal, Callie is eager to reach the island, which had been the destination of the ship carrying their parents that sank three years ago.

Revelations await on the ancient island of the Minoan.

Written by SJAT

June 15, 2018 at 1:10 pm

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