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Thinking Music

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I’ve been collecting the Soundtracks to my Mind for six months now.

Essentially, this is a case of: whenever I find myself humming a tune for no readily apparent reason I add it to my list. Here are the rules to Mind Soundtracks:

1. Every track is valid. Just because the song is apalling and you would rather eat your own face than hear it again does not mean you can skip it from the list.

2. Only ‘apropos of nothing’ tracks count. If you’re humming it because it was on the radio 5 minutes ago it doesn’t count. These have got to be selected by your subconscious.

3. Any track over 5 minutes long can be edited for a final release by trimming it down (witness that I have the Blue Danube by Strauss on my list.)

4. When you reach 18 tracks you have a CD.

I currently have a 4 CD collection. I have them ready to burn a copy at a moment’s notice. I have, however, removed all track information from them. Mind soundtracks should be as much a surprise for the listener as they were for you in the first place.

So: If anyone wants a copy of

Decemeber 08 – January 09

January 09 – March 09

March 09 – May 09

May 09 – Jun 09

Or, indeed, the 4cd collection of my diseased brainwaves, I need your address (if you’re a friend on Facebook that’s easy). You can, otherwise, email me it on soundtrack@sjaturney.co.uk

I will charge for the CDs, but only as much as the basic blank CDs cost + postage to wherever you are. Believe me: it’ll be worth it. We can work something out by paypal or suchlike. 72 tracks for a couple of pounds sounds like a bargain to me.

And now I’m starting CD 5!


Written by SJAT

June 19, 2009 at 3:38 pm

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  1. Count me in! Will email soon. Jules



    February 28, 2010 at 1:00 am

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