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Tales of the Empire

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Tales of the Empire – a series of Historical Fantasy novels with a flavour of late Rome

The Tales of the Empire are closely-linked yet standalone novels of low historical fantasy, realistic and gritty and heavily flavoured with late antiquity.

  • Interregnum is an epic novel of the death and rebirth of an Empire and the redemption of a once-great mercenary captain.
  • Ironroot is a military whoddunit set some twenty years after the events of Interregnum.
  • Dark Empress is a tale of siblings thrown apart and back together in the fractured, dangerous world of a collapsed Empire.
  • Insurgency follows the  descendents of the characters of Interregnum when a new grave danger threatens the empire.
  • Emperor’s Bane is a novella that tells the side tale of a character from Insurgency as something of a prequel.
  • Invasion follows the exploits of three officers as they lead an invasion of a distant island, beset by intrigues and turmoil.
  • Jade Empire closes the series with a climactic clash between two great empires and the sons of a native prince who become caught up in it.

The books are available in 9×6 paperback format from Amazon or CreateSpace and in various e-Formats, including Amazon’s kindle, the Kobo, iTunes and Nook, and from Smashwords

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May 30, 2013 at 1:31 pm

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